Who are we?

We are just a group of hoopers from the South Side of San Jose, CA. Preparing ourselves for the world with every dribble.

2021 Conditioning


Corners of Success


For the Culture

Basketball brought us together.  We owe it to the pioneers before us.  Through trial, error and the contributions they have left us with an incredible sport.  So immersing ourselves in the culture of the game makes so much sense.  Some essentials are the knowledge, language, beliefs and customs that we must learn at the same time try to move it forward with our contribution.


+ Plus / - Minus

+ / – is a sports statistic used to measure a player’s impact on the game.  How did the team do while that player was on the court?  We want to take it a step further and measure our plus minus off the court.  How much positivity did you put out into the community, team vs any negativity that might have helped steered your decisions?  Obviously we are really trying to stay in the positive.  If everyone of our players can say that today their pluses out numbered their minuses.  We are good.



Assist + Her + Hood is our way of showing support.  Some days we may or may not “have It”.  A huge benefit of being part of a team is that you don’t always have to “have it”.  Our teammates can pick up the slack for us.  Who knows how long it will last?  Just being around your squad, feeding off their energy can get you out of a rut.


Give and Go

A give and go or pass and cut in basketball is when a player passes the ball to a teammate, then cuts to the basket or gets open.  We would like our players to give back . .  give to your family, teammates and community but don’t forget to give to yourself.  When graduation is upon them and it is time to “go” they are gonna “go” and be the best version of themselves and continue to grow.  If it is within basketball or not we are here for them when they decide to come back and visit.

Social Approach

We’re changing the way people think of our team, school, and community.

By being more social and sharing who are we are . . .  we have an opportunity to be a great example to young folks in our community.   Over the years we have done camps and clinics with great success but we can do more.

The Big Statistic

By the numbers.

Non-League Win

We had 1 league win due to Covid but it was a huge one vs. our rivals in a 64-60 victory.  Amazing effort.

League Championship

With 7-1 league record we secured the BVAL East Santa Teresa title.  It was our first championship in 5 years.  The girls banned together in the most trying of times in a challenging league with everyone returning most of their starters.

BVAL Honors


League MVP
Shaade Williams
First Team All-League
Larissa Ascencio
Freshman of the Year
Emily Ngo
Second Team All-League
Savannah Flores

Daily Intentions

Lets get better together.

Play Video

Make a difference.


Past players have attended the likes of U.C. Berkeley, Pepperdine, SJSU, U.C. Davis and San Diego St. to name a few.  We want to continue our tradition of strong academics by empowering all of our players with strong choices after graduation.

Soft Skills

Having soft skills are in high demand in the work place.  Just having the technical no how is not enough.  So we have added this to our focus so the ladies are constantly working on emotional intelligence, team play, etc on a daily basis.


Being in the best shape possible is one of our focuses for the year.  Last year we lost games at the end and being in better condition than our opponents may have put us over the edge.  Along with a solid diet and injury prevention we can help our athletes perform at their best when needed the most.


With all that is going on we want to be a source of entertainment to a family.  To spend time whether in attendance or online we want them to walk away saying when is the next game because we enjoy their approach to the game.

Let’s Collaborate

Ready to work with us?

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