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Amanda Cerda

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Shanna Decena

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  1. Amaris, we miss you. I was looking forward to getting to work with you this year. We had a great conversation about your goals and aspirations on our zoom call in October. Your knack of scoring the basketball is what I enjoyed so much about your game freshman year. I would often get confused on Giselle or Amaris and at one point I thought that was two different people.

    Thank you for your hard work last year to our program. We will do everything to keep you and your legacy in our hearts. Our condolences and prayers are with your family. We love you. RIP #35.

    – Coach Davis

  2. Jerry Mukai

    Amaris – I can’t believe that you are no longer with us. You will be missed by all of us. You were always able to find a way to score or get that rebound. You were a fierce competitor on the court and you were always available for your teammates off the court. Thank you for letting me call you Giselle as I had a hard time yelling Amaris properly from a distance. May you rest in peace. – Coach Jerry Mukai

  3. Larissa

    As I watched the JV games, Amaris was one of the players that stood out to me the most. Her growth truly became recognizable when she began scoring, becoming a key player offensively and defensively. I caught glimpses of the making of a future varsity player when she strongly ripped to the basket for a layup or when she used the backboard while shooting and it’d go in most of the time. If it missed, that was okay because she powered through and went for her rebound among the crowd of girls. Amaris carried lots of potential and I knew she was going to be a good fit for the team going forward. Although I didn’t know her well, she was still apart of our sisterhood the OG women’s basketball program has, and the team is going to miss her warm presence on and off the floor. We send our deepest condolences to her family and hope to continue her dream of hoops by dedicating our next season to her.

  4. Lynnese Dunn

    Amaris was much more than a great player but a great person on. She had a bright personality and a beautiful spirit that I’ll always remember. She had a big presence on and off the court and she’s forever in my heart. In all of our hearts. And though I’m sad she’s no longer here, to me she’ll never truly be gone. To Amaris, I’d just have to say thank you for being my teammate and a friend.

  5. Lynn

    In the short time that I knew you, you became someone who I truly respected and appreciated. You quickly adopted a pivotal role on our team as a leading scorer and a dependable teammate. On the court, you brought about an aura of confidence that was unmatched by anybody else. Your raw talent and physical playing style were reminiscent and somewhat comparable to that of a player at the varsity level. In playing alongside you, I was given the remarkable opportunity to see you progress as a player and a leader; your competitive spirit and outgoing nature were the building blocks of our team morale. It was a pleasure to have shared the court with you this past season. Your legacy will not be forgotten.

  6. Sarai


    I didn’t know you as much as I wish to but those small times we spent together are ones I will never forget. I wish we could play one more season spend more time off and on the court. You were always there to rebound and put the ball back up to score. I could see how much you cared about the game. I could tell that you were going to make a huge impact to our team not only on the court but off the court. You helped me throughout some of my recovery, opening doors and checking up on me. Thanks for everything. You will not be forgotten. We miss you so much.

    -Sarai 🙂

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