2019-2020 Thank You

Drivers who gave rides to games.
Lynnese - Scorebook, helped/encouraged at practice
Vanessa's Family - Snacks for the team
Amanda/Brianna's mom - filming
Varsity Girls - cheering and filming, role models
Tina - Overall support
Jessica - Sharing knowledge and helping out players
Coach Davis - Mentorship for coaching

- Coach Jerry

Players and parents who gave rides to games.
Lynnese, Erin - Scorebook
Ms. Randolph - Scoreclock
Coach An - Alumni, Helped prepare us for conditioning
Coach Jah and J @ Bennett Fit for training some our girls
Britney - Filming Practices early in the season
Savannah's Family - Snacks & Drinks for the team
JV - filming and supporting
Mukai Family - Overall support
Jessica and Trey - Being supportive of the girls and families. Taking time to be at most of our games meant a ton. Love you two.
Coach Mukai - Filming, Rides, Uniforms, Equipment, Apparel, Administrative stuff with school. Summer League. Financial. Oh and by the way coach.

- Coach James

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